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We are sisters, wives and mothers. 
We love the poolside and beach vacations, but for years we’ve seen our sons and
husbands get uncomfortable,chafing rashes from conventional mesh/net bathing suit briefs.
Then our sister experienced what millions of other Americans are currently experiencing: Loss. 
She lost her health, then her job and finally her house. That was the catalyst to start this business. 
We decided to develop a better, more comfortable bathing suit for guys with the hope that one day,
we can help our sister build a better, more comfortable life for her and her family. 
NoNetz manufactures super comfortable swimwear for guys exclusively in Brooklyn, NY. 
Our unique design has an anti-chafe, anti-bacterial, no cling liner which keeps guys comfortable
and prevents the inner thigh chafing rash that ruins most vacations .   
                                                   We look forward to earning your support for our brand.                                                               
Wave Good-bye to Irritating Swimwear


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