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Product Reviews:
  • Kate Gosselin is one busy Mom who has no time for any discomfort at the beach. NoNetz worked great for her boys. Here's her review.
  • Melissa Hincha-Ownby , courtesy of Mother Nature Network, made us blush with this two thumbs up review
  • We would like to thank Real Dad Reviews for their two thumbs up recommendation for NoNetz. So glad Ethan is rash free! You can read their review here.
  • Skye Moyer of Real Mom Reviews posted a great review here.
  • The Mama Report had a great time on vacation with their NoNetz bathing suit and posted a great review here.
  • Marcie Wahrer , of Obviously Marvelous,  posted a rave review for NoNetz which can be found here

Customer Reviews:

  • Jeremy: It was really the most comfortable bathing suit I think I've ever worn and considering that I am 40 years old, I have some experience in this area.  The inside of the bathing suit was different than any other I have ever tried and I am sold!
  • Lisa: My husband was so impressed with my son's suit that he ordered one for himself and he loves it! We just returned from 5 days in San Juan, Puerto Rico and he wore it every single day.  He will never wear another suit.
  • Anne : My husband and I have just returned from our honeymoon and we both wanted to express our thanks to your company for your truly excellent product. He hates the traditional net/mesh lining in men's swim trunks and I scoured every store in our area to try to find something he wouldn't hate. I finally came across your site and decided to give it a try, figuring that it was worth spending a little extra money if it meant a suit he loved. We spent a week in the USVI, swimming, snorkeling, getting knocked over by waves. Not ONCE did he complain about his suit (a small miracle). On previous beach vacations (even day trips), he has been unhappy and uncomfortable by lunchtime. Not this time. He was totally comfortable every day and the suit was very flattering -- he also loved that the drawstring could truly adjust the size of the waistband (unlike the standard ties in the front that don't tighten the waistband at all). They are fantastic and worth every penny.
  • Travis: I absolutely love my NoNetz and find that I like wearing them more for outdoor work and outdoor workouts than I do for swimming and hanging out(which I also like them for). Living in Texas the heat makes it like being at a super hot beach all the time and they are fabulous.
  • Carolyn: My son wore his rash guard for the first time on Sunday.  He loved it, no complaints.  He wore it at an indoor pool for 40 minutes of lap swimming and it was great.  We ordered a size up since rash guards in general tend to be snug so it was a little big but it was still GREAT.  Thanks for making such amazing products.  My son will never wear another kind of bathing suit.  He looks for the NoNetz label!
  • Dee :Thank you so much for the bathing suits!!! My boys would always scream cry after swimming and now it's a great experience. I tried everything and NoNetz is the only thing that has worked!!! So thank you so much!!! I would recommend them to anyone!!!! You saved our summer!
    Thanks again!!!!! 
  • Ron Zilkha: I recently purchased 2 of your bathing suits for myself. I used it on a cruise vacation I went on last week and wore them for many hours during excursions that we went on. With the usual mesh lining I had problems almost immediately after putting it on but with NoNetz I was able to wear it for all day without any problems.
  • Dr. Debra Balke: As a pediatric neurologist and the parent of two children with autism I was thrilled to find your products!  Children with special needs often have tremendous sensory issues and swimsuits are often the worst offenders.  The miserable netting in swim trunks can't even be fixed by cutting it out.  Little bits are still left to chafe and irritate.  Finally a product that meets the needs of my patients AND my family.  Thank you!!!
  • Eileen: I have to tell you that my husband loves, loves, loves, this bathing suit.  In the past he would go in the pool and then run to change back into his shorts.  It drove me crazy.  I would say "What is wrong?"  He said "You wouldn't understand it's a guy thing." He found your company and took a chance.  He loved it!   Last week we took a trip to Florida.  He put on his nonetz suit and off we went to the beach.  We then went to the beach bar.  We sat and had dinner and drinks.  He never changed, he said the bathing suit was great!  It''s the little things in life that make us happy.  Thank you for making my husband comfortable and happy!  
  • Tanya: I just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you.  I ordered 2 bathing suits for my 10 year old. We went on our vacation a couple of weeks ago and he loved them.  No more inner thigh painful rashes.  He lived in those bathing suits from 7:30am to 6-7pm for 7 days.  Going from ocean to pool to ocean and even a 1hr walk into the local town and back to the resort (in and out of the ocean during this walk) and he was perfect.  This is the best bathing suit. I am glad I found you.  I will be ordering for my  second son.  He usually does not have this problem but this trip he had a mild rash starting.  Thank you for a great product that resulted in a pain free vacation.  I will definitely recommend you to family and friends.
  • Brad: I was finally able to wear my new swimsuit last month when we went to Florida on vacation (my first vacation in 6 years!). We spent countless hours in the pool and ocean with our four children and it is definitely the most comfortable suit that I've ever worn. The suit is fantastic. Keep up the good work!
  • Mitch: Just wanted to share my experience with NoNetz this week!! 6 days on the beach, by the pool, swimming in the ocean, in the pool, walking around, sitting etc. Not one pinch, itch, irritation etc. What a great product and what a great idea.
  • Anjanette :  I'm not frivolous. I usually only buy something that is multi purpose. These swimsuits are worth the money just so I dont spend money and time buying rash creams. Love them!
  • Terri: These are absolutely the best suits ever!! I have 4 grandsons and a pool in my backyard. This summer I had already purchased 3 different suits for my two oldest (ages 5 and 7) as after two hours in the pool they would be all red and raw on inner thighs. We tried cutting out liners- wearing underwear under the suits, finally wearing just underwear in order for them to swim and not be in misery. Found this website- received my order two days later and just in time for our beach vacation!! Your swimsuits are amazing- they boys went from beach at 9am to pool back to beach and finally at 7 pm took off only because we made them! No rash- dries quickly and they both love the suit!! 
  • Roger Flowers : "The quality is first rate and they are shockingly comfortable; definitely the most comfortable swimwear I have every owned. I am finicky about comfort and your product has satisfied even me."
  • Wendy from Pennsylvania :  " I had gotten my grandson one of your suits last year. He loved it, and my sister in law bought all 3 of her grandson's one for Christmas, along with another for my grandson. Well, apparently, his idea of Christmas vacation in Pennsylvania was to spend the entire week in your bathing suits! I did make him shower, but a clean suit went right back on! 24/7 for a week! 11 year old boys, UGH! He would really like to use them for pajamas's every day, I did have to put my foot down! Keep up the good work!"


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