Polo shirts are an essential piece of a guy’s wardrobe. They are comfortable, versatile and can be worn anywhere. The collar and short sleeves make it the perfect bridge between casual and formal that any guy can pull off, even a heavy guy. Wear it to the office, the golf course or just hanging out with friends, it’s infinitely better than the uber casual tshirt.

However, many overweight guys suffer from insecurities. “Can I really wear a polo?” “Do polo shirts really look OK on fat guys?” 

The answer is polo shirts can look good all guys, but you need to understand where you carry your weight to determine the right fit and the right type of polos to look for.

Most heavy guys carry weight around their mid-section and also have a tendency to sweat more than average weight men. So, you need a polo that manages your sweat as well as have a wide cut.

Also, big guys should not be afraid of bold colors. It’s all about the cut and the way your wear your polo that determines a stylish look.

To Identify the Right Polo for a Fat Guy, Check Out These Points:

  • Tailored Fit: A shirt that creates a clean silhouette is the goal - something that rests lightly against your body frame and is not over large and flowing. Many guys make the mistake of going with extra-large sizes to hide problem areas -you won’t fool anybody. The result is a sloppy fit.

  • Don’t Be Afraid of Color: Simple, solid and bold colors are perfect if you’re a fat guy. Go out of your comfort zone (black, green, brown and navy). While those are basic go-to colors, they don’t necessarily provide a self-confident and stylish look. Try yellow, pink (women love a guy who rocks pink – it screams confidence), mint green, and light blue. Pick whatever colors go with your skin tone. However, avoid loud patterns as they tend to downgrade a look.

  • How To Find the Right Color For Your Skin Tone: You could hire a personal stylist, but that can be expensive and time consuming. There are many apps out there that can act as a personal stylist. We’ve tried Colorwise.me and were very satisfied with the results. It can help you discover your perfect palette with ease.

  • Do Not Tuck In: If you have a large waistline, and are wearing just a polo, tucking in your polo shirt into your trouser emphasizes your waistline. To create a slimmer outline, you can use a blazer and tuck in just the front of the polo.

  • Create Some Structure: You want eyes to be drawn downward rather than across the body – which is perfect for a fat guy. Polo shirts draw the eyes downwards by its very design. You can wear add a blazer over your polo shirt to de-emphasize belly fat. Or you can throw on a sports jacket for a smart casual look.

  • Thickness Of Fabric: Polo shirts come in a variety of thicknesses and weave. Thick polo shirts add more bulk to your frame, while thin ones will show off fatty areas. Something in between should do the trick.

  • Moisture Wicking: Many heavy guys tend to sweat more than most. As a result, look for fabrics that handle sweat efficiently and effectively. Moisture wicking fabrics do not absorb water. Instead, it forms in droplets on the inside surface of the fabric. From here, it is pulled through tiny spaces in the weave through capillary action until it reaches the outside surface. Once exposed to the air, the droplets evaporate. This way you avoid the skunk line of sweat down your back or the sweat rings under your arms.

What’s the Best Fit Polo Shirt for Fat Guys?

As a heavy guy, when you wear a polo shirt, there are several parts of the shirt you need to evaluate.


Short sleeves are great. They provide freedom of movement and are much better at cooling down the body. However, it can be hard, as a bigger guy, to find the best sleeve fit. If the polo shirt sleeve has a band around the edge, avoid that as it tends to balloon your sleeve. Not only does it draw attention to your heavier arms, but it tends to be too tight, eats into your arm and restricts movement. Make sure the polo fabric has 4- way stretch with a simple hem. You should be able to easily place a finger in between your skin and the sleeve. If it’s too tight, it could lead to skin irritation.


The length of your polo shirt should land half down your zipper. This is to make up for the extra length required for your belly. This way, your belly won’t stick out when you lift your arm. If you plan to tuck in the polo shirt on a regular basis, you should go for a slightly longer length, so your shirt stays tucked in especially when bending over.

Which Fit Is Right For A Heavy Guy

The answer is it depends on where you carry your weight as well as how tall you are.

There are three polo shirt fit options available for men: slim fit, custom fit, and a classic fit. For a heavier guy, we do not recommend a slim fit as that is a tight fit from the torso through the waist, with smaller arm holes.

Custom fit is somewhere in the middle between a slim fit and a classic fit. A custom-fit also works much better for wicking fabrics as the fabric needs to be somewhat close to your skin to efficiently move moisture from your body. It’s longer than a slim fit but shorter than the classic fit and it gets slimmer as it approaches the torso. This can work for some heavy guys if they are under 6’.

Classic Fit has a long drape, great for guys over 6’ and provides the comfort and silhouette needed for a heavy man to feel and look great.

Overall, being a large guy has it benefits – you give great hugs, can wear a nice looking beard and can rock a tailored fit.


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