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improve your beach getaways with NoNetz

improve your beach getaways with NoNetz - NoNetz

Beach vacations are supposed to encourage complete relaxation. However, it can feel impossible to relax when an irritating rash forms every time you slip into your swim trunks and hop into the ocean or pool. Men, boys, moms, wives and friends all know that such a rash can ruin a vacation — and that’s exactly why a mother-son team created NoNetz swim trunks.
As a comfortable swimwear solution for the nine out of 10 males who suffer from bathing suit chafing, NoNetz is the key to a truly relaxing day in the sun and surf.


Purchase a pair of NoNetz board shorts or swim trunks, and you’ll never look back. The following are some of the benefits of this one-of-a-kind men’s swimwear line.

  • No mesh:Interior mesh and netting is the culprit behind the chafing most often associated with men’s swimwear. NoNetz men’s swim trunks without mesh lining are the difference between nursing a painful rash and fully enjoying your day in the sun.
  • Anti-chafe liner:In place of that annoying mesh, NoNetz men’s swim trunks feature an anti-chafe, water-resistant and ultra-soft liner. NoNetz liners prevent chafing instead of causing it.
  • Super comfortable:You’ve never worn swim trunks this comfortable. NoNetz men’s swim shorts are tested by texture-sensitive people to ensure that even ultra sensitive swimmers don’t experience chafing or discomfort.
  • Thoughtfully designed:NoNetz men’s swimwear isn’t your average collection of board shorts. Every detail has been carefully calculated to ensure these shorts are as functional as they are comfortable. 
  • On trend:You probably bought your most recent pair of board shorts because they look cool. NoNetz swimwear provides the highest level of no-chafe comfort without sacrificing style. These are board shorts you can wear straight out of the water and into the restaurant — and you can forget about that embarrassing cling when you get out of the pool because it doesn’t happen with these.
  • Easily adjusted:You deserve swim trunks that fit perfectly. That’s why we offer free alterations on all purchases. Simply take your NoNetz shorts to a tailor, send a picture of your bill to us and we will refund the cost up to $20 from your original purchase price.

Sounds too good to be true? Try these vacation-changing swim shorts for yourself. Shop our selection of men’s anti-chafe bathing suits online today and be one step closer to enjoying your next beach escape to the fullest. 

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