Most Popular Paddleboarding Locations in North America

When was the last time you stood on a wide, long, equally balanced surfboard that has a more common name: a paddleboard? If you’ve heard of the new, up-and-coming sport of paddleboarding, you may be intrigued to read about some of the most popular paddleboarding spots located in North America. NoNetz is a leading men’s boardshorts provider for many of the male paddleboarders around the nation, which is why we’ve decided to share some of the best spots to take your board. In our previous post, we mentioned the top two hotspots: Puerto Vallarta and San Diego. Here are a couple more:

  1. Half Moon Bay. Half Moon Bay is located in California and is the leading location for pro surfers and is home to the big-wave surf contest. But when you head off to the north corner of the bay, you’ll get to experience a steady blow of wind with lazy water that is perfect for stand up paddleboarders. Wear your men’s boardshorts to this location, and beat the crowds for only $50 per day with a rental. We recommend that you get out on the water earlier in the day to catch the morning high tide; you’ll enjoy glassy water and gentle waves.
  2. Lake Mead. Off to the desert you go! Join stand up paddleboarders in a 12 mile stretch down the Colorado River’s Black Canyon in the basalt of Arizona and Nevada’s desert. You’ll strap your camping gear down to your paddleboard and head down the river with a guide and other paddleboarders to the Lake Mead’s south shore. Although a little more pricey, this $339 all-inclusive experience is worth every penny.

Think that you need some new men’s boardshorts for your upcoming expeditions? Shop online with NoNetz now, and stay tuned to learn more of the most popular locations for stand up paddleboarding in North America up next.