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Paddleboarding Hot-Spots We Love!

Posted on April 08 2016

Paddleboarding in Maui

Life is all about its experiences, and if you’re not careful, life will go by much quicker than you were expecting. So now is the time to grab your standup paddleboard, pack your bags (don’t forget your men’s boardshorts!) and head out the door to one of our favorite and most recommended standup paddleboarding hot-spots! In our previous post, we started giving readers locations they must try, including Minnesota’s 10,000 Lakes and Lake Tahoe’s north shore. Here are more great hot-spots you’ll love!

Most popular paddleboarding spots:

  1. Maui’s north shore. Starting your eight mile trip from Maliko Gulch to Kanaha Beach Park is a tough paddle, but well worth it! Although you’re not sailing through steady 30-knot winds, it sure will feel like it. Waves are a challenge, making this standup paddleboarding adventure an enduring one. Travel experts recommend heading out to Maui’s north shore for this eight mile trip in October or March to avoid high winds and big waves. For $45 a day, you can rent a SUP and be well on your way to an adventure you won’t forget.

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