Take Your Men’s Swim Trunks on an SUP Adventure

Everyone deserves a bit of adventure in their life. If you’re someone who has always loved stepping out into the sun and experiencing new, fun adventures, NoNetz has some great recommendations in store! In our past posts, we’ve been giving readers some amazing places to take a standup paddleboarding tour. Recently, we gave readers the idea to head out to Maui’s north shore during October or March. Continue reading to learn more!

Most popular paddleboarding spots:

  1. Florida Keys. Tucked in between Stock Island and Key West, you'll get to enjoy two of the best westernmost flecks of land in the entire 822-island chain! This makes for the perfect location for standup paddleboarding. Not only will you get a beautiful view, but you can expect to see a lot of wildlife, including a variety of tropical birds, manatees, rays, octopus and barracudas. This two-hour guided tour is only $40 a person and it’s well worth the money.
  2. Otter Bar Lodge in California. If you want to learn how to standup paddleboard like a pro, you need to visit this all-inclusive whitewater standup paddleboard school. This school allows for 14 guests to stay at a time in a western-style lodge. The river you’ll be learning on is a Class II river, a section of the Cal-Salmon. This is one of six rivers SUP students will get to experience. There are also flat-water ponds and a variety of rivers ranging from Class I to Class III.

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