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Escape From Your Urban Life and Step Out Onto The Water

Posted on April 25 2016

Paddleboarding for all

There are times where you need to step out of your shell and get out on the water. If you’ve wanted to try something new, it’s time that you give some of our most recommended SUP adventures hot-spots a try. Whether you’d like to go by yourself or bring your kids along, SUP is an adventure that everyone can enjoy! As long as you’ve got your bags packed with your boy’s swimwear, wife’s bikini and dog’s life jacket, you can be well on your way to the following SUP hot-spots in North America. But first, catch up by reading our previous recommended adventures and vacations you can enroll in, and keep reading to learn more!

Most popular paddleboarding spots:

  1. New York’s Jamaica Bay. It doesn’t matter if you live in a city, there’s always a special hot-spot near you! Even New Yorkers have a small place they can call paradise, and that’s New York’s Jamaica Bay. This bay is only a 90 minute subway ride away from Times Square and allows standup paddleboarders to paddle their way between grasslands that are insight of NYC’s tallest buildings and beautiful skyline. For $100 per person, you can enjoy a three-mile loop tour out on Marina 59 and stop at one of the most popular pizza joints in town, Rockaway Beach’s elegante Restaurant.

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