Why Choose Men's Boardshorts?

Boardshorts are a great piece of clothing to have. You can wear them to any summer or poolside event and blend in with the crowd. The best part is that you will be ready for the water in an instant too! But why do you need boardshorts over any other type of swimming trunk out there?


The technology behind NoNetz men’s boardshorts is unbeatable. You’ll experience a comfortable pair of shorts with pockets, breathability and the best part is, you’ll be chafe free! The technology in our boardshorts allow you to move around freely without having to worry about the painful chafing that occurs when you wear other types of boardshorts or swimming trunks.


Not many men are willing to wear their Speedo out on the boardwalk. If you’re looking for a pair of shorts that will allow you to go from beachwear to walking around town feeling comfortable in an instant, men’s boardshorts are what you need.

For maximum versatility and style, the men’s boardshorts available from NoNetz are the pair that you need to get! Stay comfortable out there surfing or walking on the boardwalk with your friends and know that you’ll be safe from the painful rash that men avoid at all costs. Shop for your pair of men’s boardshorts online with us now!