Know Your Style & The Swim Trunks For You!

It can be confusing when it comes to buying swimwear, especially for men. With all the different styles available for you, choosing the right one may be a little harder than you had expected. At NoNetz, our focus is on your comfort and style so that you can enjoy a day at the beach without a worry about chafing or the way you look! Men’s boardshorts are our specialty, which is why we’re bringing you some ways you can learn how to wear your men’s boardshorts with style.

Show some thigh but don’t wear them baggy.

Showing some thigh is normal, however you may not want to buy a boardshort that is shorter than the boxers you’re wearing right now. Anytime you’re not wearing your shirt, shorts above the knee look the best. Try for a least a couple of inches above the knee. We understand that there are slim guys out there, which is why it’s important to buy a swimsuit that doesn’t look emaciating. Find a size that fits you comfortably, but that also isn’t too baggy.

Don’t stay wet but gain an edge.

If you love swimming laps, a swimsuit that is tighter than normal may be your best bet. This way you’ll be able to move much more efficiently through the water. Although they may be a bit daring, they’ll give you an up on your swimming game. Staying wet may be a problem with other men’s swim trunks, but not with ours. Our quick-drying material makes sure you don’t end up soggy and in a chafing nightmare.

Don’t be afraid to make a statement.

It’s okay to make a statement with your swim shorts! Buy a pair that are colors you wouldn't normally wear. Bright green and yellow are popular, but are they popular in your wardrobe? Experience a stylish pair of men’s swim shorts in a color that you’ll find awesome!

Skip the stretch.

Running around with a rubber waistband that doesn’t come with drawstrings isn’t worth your time! Make sure that you’re comfortable with the waistband in your boardshorts. Some boardshorts come with an elastic waistband and others come with just drawstrings. You may want to find one that has both to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Buy a swimsuit that’s made from quick dry material.

Make sure that you buy a board short that is made with quick dry material. This way, you can avoid chafing when you decide to take a long walk down the beach. There’s nothing more painful than a chafing rash on your legs from playing a wicked game of beach volleyball after you went swimming.

Shop with NoNetz online now to find men’s swim trunks for a great price that are a great style!