Don't Say No To Sunscreen

Kids don’t like it and many adults seem to ignore the fact that they need it. Sunscreen is a necessity, no matter how tan you may be or how conditioned your skin is to the sun’s violent rays. It doesn’t matter if your skin is as pale as the sand or as dark as your favorite brown pair of sandals, your skin needs protection from the sun’s UV rays. At NoNetz, we want you to wear your men’s swim trunks with pride, and being burnt to a crisp won't allow that. Here are some reasons that you should be wearing sunscreen, even on the cloudiest days at the beach.

  1. Sunscreen was designed to protect every skin type. It doesn’t matter to the sunscreen if you have a darker or lighter complexion, the melanin in your skin confers some natural protection from sunburns, but you still need to be wary of harmful ultraviolet rays the sun shines down on us. While many people still believe that fair skin is much more likely to develop skin cancer due to the amount of sun exposure, people with dark skin tones are just as likely to develop the serious skin cancers many think they’re immune to. Sunscreen protects all pigments of skin!
  2. Did you know that noticeable aging is actually years of sun damage? The Dermatologists with the Skin Cancer Foundation estimated that 90 percent of the visible aging of skin comes not from the years you’ve been roaming the earth, but from how many hours you’ve spent baking in the sun. Who would have thought that wearing sunscreen could save you from years of visible skin damage later on?
  3. You have many choices of sunscreen, including better application methods. We know that you still have images in your head of the pasty zinc oxide on your nose from back in the day, it’s time to forget them! The modernized sunscreen that is available to you today uses micronized particles for invisible sun protection. There are also chemical-free sunscreens that still provide you with hours of protection from the sun. Nowadays, you can spray on your sunscreen, rub it on or even roll it on with an applicator.
  4. Lather up even when it’s not sunny. Don’t let the overcast weather and clouds fool you! Many folks don’t believe that they need to protect their skin with sunscreen when the sun is blocked by clouds, but actually, UV light penetrates through clouds with ease. So yes, you’ll need sunscreen protection, even on the cloudy days at the beach!
  5. Sun damage is cumulative. You may think you’ll be safe if you build up a nice tan, but there’s no such thing! Every exposure to UV rays is just as dangerous at a cellular level and can contribute to skin cancer.

Do you best at the beach by wearing our UV protecting, anti-chafing men’s swim trunks and protect your skin with a great sunscreen you trust!