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Eight Sunscreen Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on January 09 2016

How to use sunscreen correctly

Boys bathing suits and men’s boardshorts are our speciality, but we don’t stop there. We love providing our clients with not only the high quality products they need to have a fun day at the beach, but with information to help them stay safe out there, too. You may be asking, “stay safe from what?” And our answer is, “the sun.” Read on to learn about the eight sunscreen mistakes you’re probably making when putting on your young boy’s bathing suit and heading out to the beach.

Eight Sunscreen Mistakes You’re Probably Making

  1. Have you been using the same bottle of sunscreen on your kiddos for the past few years? If so, it’s important you understand that your sunscreen isn’t as effective as it used to be. Sunscreen has active ingredients that can deteriorate over time. A great way to know you’re getting the best and most active sunscreen is to toss your old sunscreen bottles into the trash at the end of each summer and buy a new one at the beginning of the next.
  2. Moms, don’t let your daughter’s SPF makeup do the trick! SPF makeup is great for everyday wear, but it does no good while soaking up the sun at the beach. The amount of SPF 15 sunscreen in makeup is very minimum. A dab of SPF make up is not comparable to a dab of sunscreen.
  3. Don’t use just a dab of sunscreen. A dab of sunscreen won’t do you much good. Unfortunately, less is not more, and many of use don’t use enough to keep our skin safe from the UV rays! If you’re wondering what a good amount of sunscreen is, think about what a shot of sunscreen would look like, then slather that all over your body. You should be using enough sunscreen to cover your skin completely; don’t worry, it’ll all massage in!
  4. You only put your sunscreen on at the beginning of your day. It’s important to remember that sunscreen can wear off after a while, and it won’t last that long. Your skin will literally soak up the sunscreen’s active ingredient in the lotion over time, so reapplying your sunscreen is necessary if you don’t want to get a wicked sunburn.
  5. You trust and count on the waterproof sunscreen you apply to your skin when you’re swimming. Don’t trust a sunscreen that says “waterproof.” To put it simply, there is no sunscreen that is waterproof. Sunscreen companies can claim that their sunscreen is both sweat-proof and water resistant, but after 40 to 80 minutes, your sunscreen will wear off.
  6. You only apply sunscreen to your skin on sunny days. Many people don’t know that UV rays aren’t affected or blocked by clouds. So if you aren’t wearing any sunscreen and you’re wondering why you have a sunburn, understand that clouds aren’t protecting you on a sunny day!

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