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Eight Sunscreen Mistakes To Avoid Continued...

Posted on January 15 2016

Sunscreen and UPF clothing

When you make your way to the beach, there are plenty of things that you have on your mind. Your boy’s swimwear, his towel and all of your personal items you’ll need to have a great time. NoNetz, the leaders in boy’s swimwear, have been sharing some ways that you may be using your sunscreen wrong while at the beach. Catch up by reading our past blog and continue reading to keep your skin safe from burning.

  1. You find the highest SPF possible and shell out the big bucks for it. Not only is this the worst way to buy sunscreen, but spending more on your sunscreen doesn’t protect you any more than the cheapest sunscreen available to you. Also, many skin experts out there recommend that you use a SPF of at least 30. But don’t be fooled! You may think that SPF 60 is twice as protective, but it’s not. According to experts, both levels of SPF will protect your skin from the same amount from UV rays. In fact, SPF 30 blocks out 95 percent of UV rays and SPF 60 blocks out 98 percent. So if you feel a little more comfortable with the extra percentage, go for it! Just know that it won’t protect you as much as you had hoped.
  2. You count on total sun protection when wearing sunscreen. Sunscreen does a great job at blocking the sun's UV rays, but unfortunately, it doesn’t block 100 percent of the rays. But to stay extra protected, make sure you’re carrying along sunglasses, a hat and protective clothing that you can cover yourself with at the sun’s most intense hours; it’s ultimately up to you.
Always stay prepared and buy your kiddo a pair of boy’s swimwear that comes with UV protection. Shop online with NoNetz now