Lower Your Blood Pressure On The Beach

There are many different ways that sun is good for you and your wellbeing. Reaping the benefits of natural sunlight are a great way for you to enhance your mood and get a better night’s sleep. In fact, if you read our past blogs, you’ll better understand why you may need to purchase yourself and your boys new bathing suits to enjoy the sunshine this summer.

Although we encourage you to take precautions when going out in the sun (such as wearing sunscreen with 30 SPF or more), the sun is a natural way for you to shy away from high blood pressure. That’s right, sun exposure can lower blood pressure! A recent study completed by dermatologists at Edinburgh University revealed that UV (ultraviolet) rays release nitric oxide, a compound that naturally lowers blood pressure. During one session of the study, 34 volunteers were placed under heat lamps. In another session, the volunteers were exposed to both light sources, UV rays and heat lamps. After the session was over, researchers found that blood pressure of the participants dropped only when exposed to UV rays and not when exposed to heat lamps. However, it is important to make note that the participants’ vitamin D levels were not affected during this study.

So, in order for you to keep your blood pressure low and your spirits high, we suggest you buy a new boy’s swim suit for this summer. Shop with NoNetz and have fun soaking up the sun with a low blood pressure in company of family and friends.