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A Guide To Kids’ Swimsuit Sizes

Posted on March 21 2019

Boys playing in the water


Kids grow like weeds. This can make choosing the right swimwear size for young boys and girls difficult. But as every mother knows, it’s important to find the correct fit to combat discomfort — and the resulting complaints. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to determine the best swimsuit size for your child, even when shopping online. Refer to the tips in this swimsuit fit guide while shopping and you’ll be thankful when it comes time to hit the pool or beach.

Finding the Right Fit

Finding the right-size bathing suit for your little one involves a number of factors. Because they are typically are more form-fitting than other clothes your kids wear, it’s extremely important to avoid swimsuits that are too tight because they can cause chafing and irritation. We recommend that shoppers buy swimsuits one size up, because they tend to run small. Refer to your child’s usual clothing size and purchase one size larger for an optimal fit.

Many times, finding the right fit means measuring your child’s waist, hips and inseam. Girls’ suits include a chest measurement as well. Once the measurements have been made, you can compare them to our NoNetz youth swimsuit size chart and choose the correct size for your child. It’s also essential to refer to the boys’ swimsuit size chart for the particular trunks you’d like to purchase, because a swimsuit size guide will help you identify the fit variations from product to product.

The Importance of Fit

An improperly fitting swimsuit can ruin a vacation for your child — and for you as a parent. A swimsuit that is too large or too small can cause uncomfortable chafing, rashes and irritation. When purchasing boys’ swimwear, it’s also important to purchase swim trunks with a drawstring, to prevent the embarrassment of them falling down when saturated. Similarly, girls’ swimsuits with adjustable straps can be advantageous to finding a comfortable fit. Swimsuits that fit properly will encourage your kids to happily swim and play all day long.

Choose NoNetz

NoNetz swimwear was designed by a mother-son team determined to create the most comfortable swim trunks on the market. Our swimsuit for all sizes guide helps you determine the ideal fit, whether you’re shopping for yourself or the men and boys in your life. All NoNetz products are created with comfort as their first priority, so they never cause chafing or irritation no matter how many hours you spend at the beach or pool.

Shop the entire selection of NoNetz boys’ and men’s swimwear to find the most comfortable swim shorts the males in your life will ever wear. Perfect-fitting swimsuits lead to more enjoyable vacations. Ask any mom!