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Avoid Chafing with the Summer Perfect Board Shorts

Posted on May 25 2015

Avoid Chafing with NoNetz

Summer has finally arrived! The sun is out and the temperatures are starting to heat up! Now that school is just about over and the neighborhood pools are open for the summer, you can start to spend your days poolside with your favorite book, iced beverage and stylish anti-chafe swimwear! That’s right, nobody likes chafing, so why not indulge in a better pair of swim trunks that treat you great, right from the start! But what causes that horrible rash on your thighs in the first place?

When it comes down to it, you can end up chafing pretty much anywhere that is receives repetitive friction. The most painful and most intense chafing usually occurs through skin on skin contact. It is extremely common to experience chafing in areas that are wet or sweaty. This means that anywhere is pretty much susceptible for chafing, especially the groin area, underarms and thighs.

If you’re looking to avoid chafing all together, it’s time to invest in anti-chafe swimwear that will help to completely eliminate your chances of chafing! There’s no other board short out there like this for men. The materials we use, here at NoNetz, are extremely durable, soft and will of course eliminate chafing once and for all. Shop through a variety of colors and sizes now and stay stylish, cool and most importantly, chafe-free this summer!