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Benefits of Surfing

Posted on October 25 2015

Surfing is good for your health

Heading to the beach is one of the most stress relieving activities you can do for your health. And even more so, surfing is one of the most beneficial ocean exercises! Did you know that there are many benefits to surfing? If you haven’t hopped on a surfboard in ages, you’re looking to learn or are already an avid surfing, you should know what sort of benefits you’re experiencing every time you paddle out into the salty waves.

Cardiovascular Fitness

If you’ve ever paddled out into the ocean before, you know it’s quite a workout. When you lay on your stomach and the only tool you have to get you out of waves are your own two arms, you’ll be feeling a little winded. Cardiovascular fitness will be achieved when you take up surfing.


During cardiovascular exercise, your back and shoulder muscles will be getting a workout. When you consistently paddle your way out to catch a wave, you’ll gain a lot of strength from all of that paddling. Let’s not forget however, that your legs and core strength will increase too. Once you’re standing up on your surfboard, you’ll have to stabilize with your core, and your legs will need to be strong enough to keep you upright, guiding you from one side of the wave to the other by carving.

Get Outdoors

With all of the technology that’s got many of us bogged down, it seems almost impossible to spend time outdoors. Surfing not only keeps you strong and healthy, but it’s a great excuse to get outdoors doing an activity you love! It’s a great outlet for tension and stress too.

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