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Caring For Your NoNetz Swim Trunks

Posted on August 10 2016

NoNetz Care Instructions

While swim trunks spend most of their time in the water, they still require just as much cleaning and care as any other article of clothing. Somewhere along the way, people have wondered what the best way to wash a swimsuit to ensure that it’s clean and cared for is, and there have been plenty of methods that have come up. From the rinsing and wringing to the machines found in some locker rooms, The truth is that many of these methods are not in fact, the best way to care for your swim trunks.

While we are going to provide you with the right way to wash your swim trunks, here are a few of the washing techniques that you need to stay away from.

Never Wring Your Swimsuit Out

This is one of the habits that is most common, and most damaging, to swim trunks. Doing this to swim trunks is usually intended to help the material dry out, but the truth is that doing this often quickens the rate at which the spandex loses it’s shape, which in turn breaks down the material more. If you’re looking for the best way to dry your suit out, lay it flat in a shaded area. While this may take a little longer, it will help you avoid any discoloration, stretching or mildew smells with your swim trunks.

Avoid Detergent

We use detergent to wash our clothes, so it should be safe on our swimwear too, right? Wrong. The fabrics that are used to make swimwear are entirely different from what clothes are made of, so they react to the combination of chemicals entirely different. The harsh combination tears up the materials of swim trunks, and makes it so that they don’t last nearly as long as they could. If you want to add soap into the cleaning process, add a mild hand soap that won’t cause the same damage.

The best way to care for you NoNetz swim trunks will be to hand wash them with a mild hand soap that cleans any residue or chemicals that might have stuck on them. Then, lay your swim trunks out in a shaded area so that they can dry. The sun will fade their color while any direct air or wringing will change the shape. This swimwear process as a whole may take longer, but will leave your suit looking better in the long run.

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