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DIY Chafe Treatments

Posted on November 11 2014

Men's Anti Chafe swimwear that prevents the rash

Are you looking to swim freely without having to worry about chafing? There are many causes of chafing, and if you aren’t careful, you could be the victim of this painful outbreak. If you have just stumbled upon NoNetz to find that we have what you have been looking for, anti-chafe swimwear, know that we can be of more help than just providing you with the anti-chafe items you need! You’re coming to us for a reason, and with that we want you to benefit from us in more ways than one. Do you know how to heal your chafed skin?

  1. Fill your bathtub up with lukewarm water. Be sure it isn’t hot. Hot water will just make your skin irritation worse than it already is.
  2. Grab a couple cups of oatmeal and throw it into your bathtub. Let the oatmeal settle into the lukewarm water for a few minutes before you hop into the tub.
  3. Enjoy your bath for a good 20 minutes to a half an hour and let the oatmeal sooth your chafed skin.
  4. Once your bath is complete, rinse off all of the oatmeal with lukewarm shower water. When you dry off with a towel, be sure not to scrub the water away. Instead, pat your body dry, especially in the chafed areas.
  5. A great way to sooth your uncomfortable chafed skin is to rub drops of vitamin E cream or oil on the affected area. Another great option is to put olive oil on the chafed area as well.