Enjoy Your Summer Chafe-Free!

As the cold winter months retreat into the past, the sun comes out to embrace us with its warm rays. It’s finally summer! Whether you’re still obligated to work, lucky enough to have a break or get to enjoy the nice weather with your kids on vacation, the summer is a time to relax, play in the water, and smile! You know what can put a damper on you or your son’s happiness? An irritating rash where our good friend the sun doesn’t shine.

For far too long, males young and old have had to deal with aggravating chafing whenever they put their swim trunks on. What should be a great time in the sun, turns into a bothersome and even painful time. The main culprit? Pesky nets in boys’ and men’s swimsuits! Well, no more! Here at NoNetz, we’re here to save your summer with our anti-chafe swimwear. In this blog, we’ll give you a few activities you can enjoy without having to dread the inevitable swim trunk rash.


Obviously, you have to be in the vicinity of a beach to enjoy the thrills of surfing (sorry Wyoming), but whether you live oceanside, or you take a beach vacation, surfing is a must! Yet, with so much activity involved with the watersport, it’s only a matter of time before your inner thigh and nether regions begin to chafe if you’re wearing the irritating conventional swim trunks with mesh and nets. With our rash guard swim shorts, the only thing you have to worry about is shredding those gnarly waves!


Nothing is more fun than joining your friends, or even strangers, in a friendly match of beach volleyball. That is unless (do you see where we’re going) you begin chafing! It’s hard to spike the ball and pull at bundled up mesh at your crotch at the same time. With our antibacterial, super soft, and ultra-comfortable swim trunks for men and boys, you’ll be able to volley, spike, and dive like Maverick.


Any of you fitness addicts out there no that mesh and exercise do not mix. As your legs get to pumping, the mesh finds its way into nooks and crannies and combining that with the sweat = guaranteed chafing. That’s one sure way to ruin your workout. Instead, slip on some NoNetz which will let you run into the horizon comfortably and carefree.


From fitness fanatics, we now turn to the lounging superstars (you can be both). Whether you’re reading a book poolside, taking a nap on the beach, or even taking a break in the cool AC of your house or hotel room, lounge time is relaxing time. Wouldn’t you rather unwind in the most comfortable pair of boardshorts that gives you the freedom to move around without the dread of a chafing rash? Of course, you do!  Browse through our trunks now to find a pair for you, son/s, or loved one.

Enjoying Your Vacation

Our company was started because we were fed up with vacations being ruined by mesh bathing suits and their impending irritation. After interviewing hundreds of families, we found that 90 percent of the males had been victims of chafing at one time or another during their vacations. We could take it no longer, so in order to save vacations all around the world, we created the most comfortable bathing suits on the market. Consider us philanthropists of male vacationers.


We’ve gotten rid of the mesh and nets, what services were they providing any way?! Instead, we replaced it with anti-bacterial, no spandex, no lyrca, NO CHAFE swimwear for boys and men! No matter your age or what summer activities to partake in, no male in this world enjoys having a chafing rash because of their swimsuits. Our goal is to make your vacation… wait, let’s take it a step further— ANY time you wear a swimsuit— more enjoyable and way more comfortable! If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact us, or if you’re ready to say bye-bye to obnoxious and intrusive swimwear (we know you are) shop our online store now! Our goal is to make net/mesh and the rashes that they bring a thing of the past!