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How To Prevent Chafing At The Beach

Posted on March 28 2019

Anti Chafe Swimwear

Chafing due to an uncomfortable bathing suit can ruin a day at the beach for kids and parents alike. In fact, moms and dads around the globe have researched ways to prevent swimsuit chafing for decades, usually coming up with few solutions beyond “grin and bear it.”

Thankfully, over time beach enthusiasts and others have uncovered a handful of solutions that truly work to reduce or even prevent bathing suit chafing. This guide to how to prevent chafing at the beach will help make your swimming getaways more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Rinse and Dry Regularly

Long days at the beach or pool mean hours spent playing in the water and sand. Unfortunately, saltwater alone can be an irritant when legs rub against swimsuits, and sand further aggravates the situation. One of the easiest ways to prevent chafing at the beach is to regularly rinse and dry yourself and your children. If rinse stations aren’t handy at the beach you’re visiting, bring jugs of water and use them to rinse, then dry with a towel. While it’s not always 100-percent effective, this technique can greatly reduce discomfort associated with chafing.

Wear Shorts

Another helpful answer to the question of how to prevent thigh chafing at the beach or pool is to bring a pair of casual shorts with you. Slip the shorts over your swim trunks and the fabric of the trunks and shorts will rub together instead of the fabric of the swim trunks and your skin. Be sure your legs and swim trunks are rinsed with fresh water and dried before donning the additional shorts.

Try Chamois Cream

Maybe you’ve tried baby powders and creams to prevent chafing. Unfortunately, they don’t work as well at the beach or pool as they do on a baby’s bottom. The good news is there’s a group of men and women who have become experts in solving leg-chafing issues — cyclists. Most cycling stores sell a product designed to help with chafing called chamois cream. It can be applied to the legs or any other areas that experience chafing at the beach or pool. Simply rub in the chamois cream thoroughly then apply sunscreen over it.

NoNetz Anti-Chafe Swimwear

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When answering the question of how to stop swimsuit chafing, NoNetz anti-chafe swimsuits are the only 100-percent effective solution. Shop our entire collection of men’s and boys’ swimwear today and enhance your family’s enjoyment of the beach and pool.