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It's time your activewear matched your lifestyle

Posted on October 15 2019

It's time your activewear matched your lifestyle

You are not the type of guy who just does one thing. You're a world-class multitasker that has had to suffer from clothing that is not as versatile as you are. That is until now.

NoNetz has just released its Hybrid Extreme (HX) line that is designed for the beach, running, or just working in the backyard. The HX line is engineered for comfort, safety, and durability to support your active life system and elevate your game.

Every detail of the HX shorts has been thought through. We worked with athletes of all types and engineered them so that they would dry quickly, help control sweat, are as comfortable as pajamas, and look great. These ultra-comfortable shorts make it easy to transition from one task to another.

Keep in mind that the shorts are only part of the story - you need a shirt that can also transition with you, maintain your body temperature, and is also comfortable. Our SMARTee cooling shirts features a dynamic treatment that's activated by your rising body temperature and deactivated when cooling is complete. Whether you're performing a strenuous exercise or simply walking around town on a hot day, SMARTees manage your personal micro climate - no sweat stains; it doesn't trap odors; and is likely the most comfortable T-shirt you'll ever wear.

Now imagine you are enjoying a day in the water with these ultra-comfortable shorts and then head to a restaurant. With your old swim shorts, they would still be wet, and you may not be allowed to wear them into the restaurant. Not with your HX board shorts. They are quick drying and look like traditional shorts. You can then leave the restaurant and go for a run, still not changing.

When you are done, you can go home, wash your truck, play with the dog in the backyard, and then watch football. The shorts will transition with you every step of the way, keeping you dry and comfortable.

You should not have to buy shorts for different occasions. To make things worse, the quality of many shorts these days barely make it a season. NoNetz stands behind a 3-year warranty that if anything goes wrong, you can exchange it for a new pair. By purchasing 2-3 pairs of NoNetz, you can eliminate the need for several pairs of shorts for swimming, casual, and sports. Also, it makes packing for travel much more manageable!

The HX shorts are better than your average swim trunks or board shorts. They have the NoNetz chafe proof liner. By eliminating the net, these shorts provide all-day comfort for your boys and have been protecting boys and men for the past 4 years. Adding a SMARTee eliminates sweat stains, doesn't trap odors and will complete the most versatile, comfortable outfit you'll ever wear.

Learn more about the NoNetz Hybrid Extreme (HX) activewear line and elevate your comfort today!