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Kayaking: Calm or Crazy It’s Up To You

Posted on March 03 2016

Iceland Kayaking

Just picture yourself on a calm, peaceful river. The trees gliding by, the flashes of sunlight reflecting off of the water as it begins to gain speed, and the distant growl of whitewater reaches your ears. Paddling quicker now, your kayak begins to buck in the turbulent water, and keeping the bow facing downstream becomes more difficult with each passing yard. The rapids gain more speed, pumping water into the air and sending a mist of cold, clear mountain water onto your smiling face. Good thing you wore your Anti-Chafe swimwear.

To experience the feeling of kayaking in difficult whitewater, can only be comparable to driving down a mountain road with no brakes and the steering wheel thrown out the window. Not that kayaking is extreme in all of its manifestations. Open water kayaking is a blissful experience that reminds one of the true peace and serenity of the outdoors.

Kayaking in all of its facets is about the gear.Touring kayaks are outfitted with dry storage areas in order to transport camping gear for multi-day paddles. There are even specialized trick kayaks that allow the user to perform flips and stunts in whitewater.  Paddles are specialized as are the boats themselves. But the fact that remains that kayaking utilizes your legs for balance and, that can cause painful chafing, what better way to enjoy the day than with NoNetz Anti-Chafe swimwear? Save the questionable decisions for out on the water and protect yourself from a miserable rash with NoNetz. Order a pair today!