Look Good In Your Trunks!

Look Good In Your Trunks!

December 02, 2015

It’s no secret that when you are shopping for men’s swim trunks, you’re looking for shorts that will not only look good on you, but give you overall satisfaction when you’re wearing them in or out of the water. At NoNetz, you won’t have to worry about your satisfaction with your men’s swim trunks, however, you may want to start preparing to be in your swimsuit at the beach!

H20 isn’t just for swimming.

Get those abs looking great by waking up to water! The best way to start getting a six pack is by drinking at least 16 ounces of chilled water as soon as you get out of bed in the morning. Scientists recently found that if you drink water right after waking up, your metabolism will boost by 24% 90 minutes afterward. It’s important to note that a smaller amount of water will have no effect. What’s more, another study had determined that muscle cells have the ability to grow faster when they’re properly hydrated. So, a general rule of thumb would be to guzzle down the water when you wake up, and continue to do so throughout the course of a day.

Pair up the proteins and carbs.

Triggering weight loss may seem tricky, but it’s not! All you have to do is pair proteins with carbs to put your weightloss goals into motion. Many men believe that if you don’t limit the amount of carbs you’re eating, you won’t be able to lose weight, but the opposite is true. Carbs and protein will help to build muscle, especially when you eat both before or after an intense exercise. In fact, the more muscles you have, the more fat will want to melt off of your body. Muscle is a metabolically active tissue, which burns more calories while you’re working out and even when you’re sleeping at night, and to build muscle, you’ll need all the healthy carbs and protein you can get!

Pack a daily lunch.

Taking lunch and hitting up the local fast-food joint and coupling that with a soda, isn’t any type of weight loss solution. Unhealthy choices and calories will undermine any weight loss effort. All you have to do is take fast-food out of the equation and make yourself a lunch to take to work! Fill it with a piece of fruit to eat as a morning snack, your leftover dinner from the night before for your lunch, and a protein shake or glass of milk for an afternoon snack.

Hit the hay.

Sleep is important! Make a goal to hit the feathers before 10 p.m. in order to ensure that you get the appropriate amount of sleep you need. Adults need 7-8 hours of sleep each night if they want abs-sculpting in their sleep. Scientists found that 3 nights of poor sleep can cause your muscles cells to become resistant to the hormone, insulin. Which means that, over time, this can lead to fat storage around your stomach, slowing your metabolism, increasing your appetite and decreasing the amount of calories you burn.

Get into the best shape of your life and do it with men’s swim trunks! Take up swimming and enjoy looking great in your new shorts! Shop online now!

NoNetz Boys & Men Size Charts

MEN SLIM FIT (X16 Board short only) SMALL HIP SIZE

WAIST 34.5 36 37 38 40 41
HIP 41 43.5 44.5 47 49 50
INSEAM 10 10.2 10.4 10.6 10.8 11
LEG OPENING 9.4 9.8 10.2 10.6 11 11.4
LENGTH 18.5 19 19.5 20 20.5 21


MEN REGULAR FIT (Zone & Brian's lines)

WAIST 29 31 33 36 39 42 45
HIP 41 43 45 48 51 54 57
INSEAM 10,2 10.4 10.6 10.8 11 11.2 11.4
LEG OPENING 10.5 11.25 12 13 14 15 16
LENGTH 19.5 20 20.5 21 21.5 22 22.5



WAIST 23 25 27 29
HIP 32.25 33.5 34.75 36
INSEAM 8 8.25 8.5 9
LEG OPENING 9.8 10.2 10.6 11



WAIST 23 25 27 29
HIP 35.75 37 38.25 39.5
INSEAM 8 8.25 8.5 9
LEG OPENING 9.8 10.2 10.6 11