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No Season for Chafing

Posted on August 31 2018

End of Summer Beautiful Beach

As much as we hate to admit it, the summer season is coming to an end. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in an area that has sunshine and 70-degree weather year-round (looking at you San Diego), this means that it’s that time of the year to start adding layers to your outfit. But does that mean that you should hang your swimsuit up in the rafters until next year? Absolutely not! Just because the weather outside might be frightful, doesn’t mean that you don’t still have an opportunity to swim and splash around!

At NoNetz, we’re firm believers that there is always a time to put on your trunks and take a dip. But if you’re still rocking traditional, men’s or boy’s swimsuits with mesh or netting, that means that you’re still at risk for pesky and painful inner-thigh chafing rash! There’s no time of the year that chafing is acceptable! That’s why we created the most comfortable, stylish, hands-down coolest anti-chafe swimwear for men and boys! In this post, we’ll bring up a few places and times you’ll be swimming during the colder months, sans chafe of course!

Mountain Retreat

As you take your last run of the day on the ski slopes, partake in the struggle of removing your ski or snowboard boots, and shed the multiple layers of coats, gloves, winter socks, and the like, it’s common to just want to relax. Sitting by the fire is always a good option, but what feels better than taking a soak in a hot tub as the snowflakes slowly descend around you? As we all know, partaking in strenuous activity isn’t the only time that chafing happens. Just walking to the bathroom and back can cause irritation. And if you have boys, forget about it!

They’re still going to be running around, jumping in the pool, and using all of their pent-up energy! And as I’m sure you know, nothing puts a damper on their fun quite like bathing suit chafing. Don’t even risk it during your mountain getaway, get yourself and your boy(s) a pair of our anti-chafe trunks to ensure an enjoyable winter vacation.

Recreation Center

No matter where you live, swimming is still a great activity during the weekend. Whether you taking laps in the pool at the gym for a workout, or bringing the kids for swim lessons or just to have a good time, the cold can’t stop you from the pool! Especially if you’re swimming for exercise, our board shorts will keep your nether regions free from irritation.


Especially those living in states that have single digit, or sub-zero temperatures, a beach vacation is always a good way to escape the cold. As we’ve found out, the beach is the main location of chafing. Don’t let it ruin what should otherwise be the time for you and your family to relax and have fun! Get a pair of comfortable and rash-free trunks that will let you run around and play in the waves every day of your vacation!

Lucky Dogs

Now, if you’re lucky enough to live in a state that has ubiquitous sunshine, congratulations! Also, a pair of anti-chafe swimwear from NoNetz is a requirement for you and the rest of the males in your family! No matter if it’s a Monday or Saturday, surfing or lounging about, the last thing on your mind will be the obnoxious pain in between your legs caused by your traditional swimsuit.

For 365 days of the year, avoid chafing! Order your pair of board shorts from NoNetz today, and while you’re at it, get a pair for your son, brother, father, friend, neighbor, etc. We guarantee that it will be gift that keeps on giving