Rethink Your Gear

The sun begins to rise over the horizon and the first rays of the weekend strike the water. The light is only this gorgeous at certain times of the day, the golden hour as some call it is a magical time to be on the water. Whether you are kicking some yoga on your SUP, casting files for redfish from your kayak, or even waiting on your surfboard for the first set to roll in at dawn patrol, starting the morning on the water is a spiritual experience for some. Those who welcome the day this way, generally have a close relationship with the outdoor lifestyle. They have all of the gear for outdoor pursuits and a thirst for adventure. Whether you are a surfer, a kayaker, a fisherman or even a beach volleyball player. You know what a difference the right gear makes. At NoNetz, we have you covered with the most comfortable anti-chafe swimwear that you can buy. If you are like us, addicted to the outdoor lifestyle, you can spend hours fawning over the latest gear and clothing. The older among us may wonder what we did without the internet to bring us the latest in drool-worthy gear. All of the great gear companies started in a similar fashion, enthusiasts selling to fellow enthusiasts. Surfboard shapers sold boards to other surfers, fisherman sold lures to fellow anglers, until their niche products outgrew the niche itself.

At NoNetz we see ourselves as being in the business of making gear for the enthusiast as well as the casual adventurer, (which we like to refer to as dads). Much like fin shape and rail structure dictates how a surfboard will handle in the water, we have designed a high performance bathing suit that not only looks cool but is one of the premier, anti-chafe swimsuit designs proven to work. Many of the big gear companies design swimming suits to function as a platform for their brand name and not much care is given to the comfort of the wearer. This is where NoNetz sets itself apart. We offer the finest anti-chafe swimwear for men and boys, no matter what activity you are participating in. Chafe can ruin a great day in the water, and the painful effects can last for days, it is our mission to protect you from unpleasant chafing. We want you to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest and many times, a weekend can be ruined by an inferior swimming suit with an awesome logo but an inside like a bear trap, and a bear trap is the last thing you want in your pants. Exposed seams, mesh and other torturous elements, line swimming suits of all kinds, but not when you choose NoNetz. Our suits are designed to be comfortable, prevent inner thigh rash and be minimal on texture, resulting in the perfect suit for any outdoor activity. So get out on that SUP, paddle out into the last wave of the day, and relish that last cast at sundown, NoNets has you covered.