Safety Tips for the Beach

Woman applying sunscreen on the beach for safety

Gearing up and getting ready for the beach is a very exciting process. You grab your beach chair, put on your anti-chafing bathing suit, get your towel ready, double-check your sunscreen, pack your snacks and cooler and head on down to the beach. However, the ocean and sun can be a powerful force of nature, so it’s important to keep some safety tips in mind. Despite the anti-chafing boardshorts we provide, there are other precautionary measures you can take to stay safe at the beach. Comfort is key, but so is safety. In this blog, we’re going to explore some safety tips to keep in mind before heading to the beach.

Always Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an essential safety measure that you need to consider before going to the beach. The sun’s UV radiation is very strong at the beach, especially beaches with very limited spaces that provide shade. Sunscreen can help combat against the strength of the sun’s UV rays by providing the necessary skin protection. Sunscreen can help you avoid painful sunburns and the potential for sun blisters and sun poisoning. You may think that the sun isn’t as strong on a partially-cloudy or cloudy beach day, but the proximity to the ocean and open space at the beach allow for the sun to be strong even on non-sunny days. A tip to remember is to check the UV index for that day. The UV index is present on most mobile devices’ weather apps. When it comes to what NoNetz does to help protect against the sun, we created UPF bathing suits so you can rely on your board shorts to provide UV protection for the covered areas. Legs can still get burnt with fabrics that don’t block UV light.

Check Ocean Conditions

A day at the beach can be relaxing as well as action packed. Whether you’re getting some body surfing in, boogie boarding, or getting barreled in some head-high waves, it’s important to check the conditions of the ocean before heading out to the beach. Currents can change overnight and the strength of the current can really affect your ability to participate in your ocean-sports. Rip currents are also known as rip tides or undertows, and are a very strong channels of water that are near the shoreline. They push water from near the shoreline to away from the land. Getting stuck in a riptide very dangerous and potentially deadly. Be sure to not swim or paddle out alone, and make sure to check conditions and be near a lifeguard. If you are paddling out alone, be sure to stay aware of your proximity to where you paddled in at and check to see if you notice that you have drifted further away from that point of reference. Check the conditions before heading out to the beach. If you do find yourself caught in a current, it’s important to swim diagonally as that helps cut against the strength from the underwater current.

Have a Point of Reference

Paddling out to catch some waves, whether it be for body surfing, boogie boarding, or surfing, can be a unique challenge each and everyday. Sometimes the waves are 5 ft., other times they’re barely knee high. However, as we noted earlier in this blog post, varying ocean currents for the day can affect the conditions for riding some waves. It is important for when you first paddle out to have a point of reference to see if you’re getting caught in a current, which causes you to head closer towards a sandbar, jetty, or away from the shoreline. Pick a house, or in most guarded beaches, stay within the perimeters of flags next to the lifeguard stand. This can give you a point of reference to note if you are drifting away from where you started.

We at NoNetz understand the incredible amount of joy that a day at the beach can provide. Engaging in ocean sports is a great way to stay fit and enjoy the gifts of mother nature, but it’s also important to make sure you embody precautionary measures to make sure your day is safe. We at NoNetz provide you with comfortable anti-chafing boardshorts, but want you to also be knowledgeable about safety tips for the beach.

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