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Sports Where No Chafe Swimwear Is A Must

Posted on July 07 2016

Upside down jet skier

As an athlete, having the right equipment can directly impact the way that you perform. This is the case for just about every sport. When it comes to watersports, the swim trunks that you’re wearing need to be comfortable but get the job done. While we can all agree that comfortable swim trucks are something we all enjoy, there are some water sports that are absolute musts when it comes to comfy swim trunks. Below are just a few of the sports that we feel require comfortable shorts like the ones from NoNetz.


This thrilling, incredible sport requires quite a bit of flexibility and ease of movement, making it incredibly important to be wearing swim trunks that offer you the ability to do so. From the swimming to the rapid standing movements, NoNetz, keep you from chafing and dealing with irritation from the sudden movement. This particular material makes it easy for you to move swiftly and avoid any irritation, giving you more time to practice, compete or just play without ever having to worry about discomfort.

Jet Skiing

The ideal combination of balance and speed, jet skiing definitely requires the right attire. Whether it’s your first time on the skis or you’re out there doing tricks, the type of board shorts that you’re wearing will contribute to how easy it is for you to move. The nets that are inside most board shorts will constrict your movement and make it difficult to move with ease as you’re flying through the water. Aside from that, the net chafes and causes irritation, something that will only make enjoying this sport more difficult.

If you’re someone that enjoys watersports, you are definitely going to need the best swim trunks around. When it comes to no-chafe swim trunks that allow for you to be as active as you need, NoNetz are the only ones that you can count on. CBrowse our selection and order your pair online today.