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Waterproof Accessories For Your Swim Trunks

If you’ve got a love for the water, it’s hard to stay out. Once you’ve found that water sport that you’re crazy about, it’s nearly impossible to spend your free time doing anything else. If you’ve found that passion, whether it be for surfing, wake boarding or snorkeling, having the accessories that allow for you to enjoy all aspects of the water, only makes it better. If you’ve discovered the brilliance that are the NoNets swim trunks, then you know just how great the right accessories and attire can make a sport. Here are a few accessories that we suggest adding to your life that is full of water and adventure. Waterproof Phone Case It’s incredible what smartphones are capable...

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Caring For Your NoNetz Swim Trunks

While swim trunks spend most of their time in the water, they still require just as much cleaning and care as any other article of clothing. Somewhere along the way, people have wondered what the best way to wash a swimsuit to ensure that it’s clean and cared for is, and there have been plenty of methods that have come up. From the rinsing and wringing to the machines found in some locker rooms, The truth is that many of these methods are not in fact, the best way to care for your swim trunks. While we are going to provide you with the right way to wash your swim trunks, here are a few of the washing techniques that...

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