Versatility of No Netz Boardshorts: Anti-Chafe Swimwear

A day out in the sun with your boardshorts on is sure to be a good day. Whether you’re out kayaking, frolicking around at the beach, going for a bike ride, a run,  or getting some paddle boarding in, a day in your board shorts should be filled with relaxation. However, your boardshorts can also provide some less than desirable effects when the gear you’re wearing isn’t top quality. Chafing is way to common when it comes to wearing improper gear, and that’s where No Netz comes in. Our boy's and men's boardshorts provide incredibly comfortable, anti-chafe board shorts with high functionality for almost any adventure you embark on with these pants.

Let’s look at what exactly causes chafing. Chafing is a result of skin irritation caused from an article of clothing that is too tight or restrictive and makes it sore by rubbing it.

This is definitely a problem when sand is involved. We all know that sand gets everywhere while hanging at the beach or a sandy shoreline. This can make a beach day even worse. Or, when running, chafing can be a very common occurrence because of tight and restrictive pieces of apparel that you may be wearing. This happens when your legs are rubbing together and it creates a rough patch of skin between your thighs. This is a total deterrent in completing a successful run and can be so irritable that you may have to take a few days off from running. There’s a lot of preventative measures that can be taken place, like baby powder, but the simplest solution is to simply purchase the right gear.

Fortunately, No Netz has incredible boardshorts with versatility for any of your outdoor adventures. Check out our selection of our anti-chafe boardshorts now! Contact us today for any questions!