Waterproof Accessories For Your Swim Trunks

If you’ve got a love for the water, it’s hard to stay out. Once you’ve found that water sport that you’re crazy about, it’s nearly impossible to spend your free time doing anything else. If you’ve found that passion, whether it be for surfing, wake boarding or snorkeling, having the accessories that allow for you to enjoy all aspects of the water, only makes it better. If you’ve discovered the brilliance that are the NoNets swim trunks, then you know just how great the right accessories and attire can make a sport. Here are a few accessories that we suggest adding to your life that is full of water and adventure.

Waterproof Phone Case

It’s incredible what smartphones are capable of; they provide us with a camera and means of communication all at the touch of a finger. If you’re someone that just likes having it on you because you’d rather not leave it somewhere, or because you’d love to get a few snaps on your phone’s camera, there are plenty of really great waterproof phone cases that allow for you to do so. We suggest finding one that allows for you to attach it to your board shorts so that you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Waist Pack

Fanny packs aren’t all the rage, not anymore at least. While they aren’t the most stylish accessory, they sure are handy. Finding an underwater waist pack is the exact accessory that you need to carry all of your important belongings. From your keys to your cell phone, these handy waist packs make it easy to keep all of your valuable belongings protected and dry while you enjoy your favorite water sport.

Enjoy your favorite water sport and keep all of your belongings safe by adding some of these handy and fun accessories to your routine. You can ensure the absolute best day on the water when you add waterproof accessories to your no-chafe swimming trunks and rash guard.