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Yoga On a Stick, Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Posted on February 25 2016

Yoga On a Stick, Stand Up Paddleboarding.
The summer is almost upon us! Let that soak in for a moment. After months in the cave of winter, we are able to burst into spring and endure the tease of warmer weather one day and cooler the next. The perfect time to think about buying some new men’s boardshorts! You might be thinking about swimming, surfing or snorkeling, but what if you are a landlocked water sports enthusiast?
In recent years, a phenomenon has crept into the reservoirs and lakes of the flyover center of the country: Stand up paddleboarding or SUP for short. There are many different kinds of SUP’s out there. There are surf specific models, touring models, whitewater and even yoga models. Touring designs are the most common freshwater paddleboards and the most versatile for those with or without ocean access. Touring paddleboards can be used for fishing, a fantastic workout, or exploring the backwaters of a favorite lake.
The most unique use for stand up paddleboards has to be, the throngs of people who arrive early in the morning to practice yoga. At reservoirs and lakes from one end of this country to the other, any given day could be yoga day! Yoga specific SUP companies have sprung up and provide all of the equipment; all you need are a comfortable pair of boardshorts and flexibility. NoNetz can help you with the boardshorts, as for the flexibility, you are on your own. Our Men’s swim trunks are ideal for yoga or stand up paddleboarding because of the Anti-Chafe design. Order a pair today and practice that epic warrior pose.