Swimwear Perfect For Spring Breakers

Spring break will be here before we know it! With spring break on its way, do you know exactly what you’ll be sporting while walking the beach with your friends? Men seem to have the hardest time finding swimwear, or even rash guard shirts for that matter, that are comfortable and stylish, but most importantly, anti-chafe. Let’s face it, the last thing that you want to be worrying about is if you’ll be chafing while on vacation. Sitting poolside watching all of your friends have the time of their lives and not participating because you are uncomfortable doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. You can completely avoid it when you decide to side with No Netz, and wear our...

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Stay Comfortable & Rash Free In Paradise!

Although it is winter for most of us in the United States, there are many places that will let you forget the snowy mountain tops and cold morning drives to work. Paradise is like no other place on earth, and it has a way of letting you forget all of your worries and leave your troubles behind, unless you have a swimsuit that is sub-par. At No Netz, it is our goal to help out men and boys of all ages find swimwear that fits perfectly, so that you don’t have to worry about chafing and uncomfortableness that some swimsuits offer. We have seen our husbands and sons grow up and struggle with finding a swimsuit that fits perfectly and...

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Anti-Chafe Swimwear for Christmas Gifts!

DIY Chafe Treatments

Are you looking to swim freely without having to worry about chafing? There are many causes of chafing, and if you aren’t careful, you could be the victim of this painful outbreak. If you have just stumbled upon No Netz to find that we have what you have been looking for, anti-chafe swimwear, know that we can be of more help than just providing you with the anti-chafe items you need! You’re coming to us for a reason, and with that we want you to benefit from us in more ways than one. Do you know how to heal your chafed skin? Fill your bathtub up with lukewarm water. Be sure it isn’t hot. Hot water will just make your...

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