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Men's Moisture Wicking Performance Polo brrr° Cooling Fabric

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  • Continually Lowers Skin Temperature
  • Prevent Sweat Stains
  • Lightweight, No-Cling Fabric
  • Embedded Cooling Minerals
  • Active Wicking
  • Rapid Drying
  • brrr° Triple Chill Effect Fabric

Our men's performance polo is made with brrr° cooling fabric, which includes active wicking and embedded cooling minerals to keep the wearer cool and comfortable. Permanently embedded cooling minerals means it lasts the lifetime of your product. In contrast, “wicking” materials are treated with a chemical finish that can wash out in just a few laundry cycles. Unlike other synthetic fabrics like Dri Fit, our polos release odors in the wash. Products come out smelling fresh—wash after wash, use after use. You can count on the temperature regulating fabric to smell good no matter how much wear they get. The fabric is ultra-lightweight and quickly dries surface moisture, providing constant cooling sensations and temperature regulation. Wear this polo on hot days and stay comfortable. 

Fabric: 62% brrr° nylon, 32% polyester, 6% spandex

Machine Washable, Line Dry or Dry on Gentle 

Made in Thailand

Brrr Fabric Triple chill effect - the polo that keeps you the coolest in hot weather