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Boy's Slim Fit Anti Chafe Red & Turquoise Bathing Suit

$40.00 USD

Make your family’s vacation that much better by preventing the common inner thigh rash with these incredibly comfortable swim trunks for boys!

The Shore Line is for the thin kids in our lives. It has a slimmer fit than The Wave, so be sure to check out the hip measurements!

With a 50+ UPF rating, there is no need to fear rashes or sunburns!

Our swimwear is chlorine-free to prevent any color fading after a day at the pool.

Functional Drawstring 

Almost every boy and man has experienced the irritating chafing rash caused by the nets and mesh of traditional bathing suits. We decided to end this annoyance by creating the most comfortable, anti-chafe swim trunks on the market! Say goodbye to chafing and hello to comfort! Be sure to order now!

Here at NoNetz, we decided that it was time that men didn’t have to suffer through chafing because of the traditional, mesh-lined swim trunks. So we created the most comfortable, anti-chafe shorts on the market! Thoroughly enjoy your time looking and feeling great. Go Commando! Order your shorts today!