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COVID-19 Impact

What. A. Year.

Here's how Covid-19 has impacted us.

Longer Shipping Times:  The US post office has staff shortages due to Covid. Packages are taking up to 3 times as long to be delivered. UPS is currently experiencing the same difficulties. UPS now hands off to the post office when they are short, calling it "UPS Innovations". Round and round. Additionally, the vaccine delivery takes first priority over all other packages.

Manufacturing: We make several lines in California.  All water resistant fabric in this country is currently going towards PPE so sourcing is difficult. Our facility has had to close several times due to rioting and state mandates. A majority of the staff had to be furloughed to comply with social distancing restrictions. Additionally, rolling blackouts due to wild fires have made making any NoNetz in California extremely challenging . We nominate the previous sentence as the understatement of the year.

We apologize for the inconvenience these disasters have caused our customers.

Hanging in there in 2020.  Looking forward to 2021.