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Our Manufacturing Story

NoNetz Manufacturing
Our manufacturing story is complicated.

Before US manufacturing was a national topic, we manufactured in New York for years. Since our pattern is complicated,  it was taking our Brooklyn manufacturer a long time to make. They couldn't get to profit on our lines without charging a fortune, so they kicked us out.

From there, we went to Oklahoma. We gave them a huge order for our 2017 lines. They took all of our money, produced nothing and shut their factory. That made-in-the-USA event almost bankrupted NoNetz, caused us to lay off two thirds of our staff and forced us offshore. We are hanging on by a thread with a facility in Massachusetts, but their labor prices just increased by 25%.

To make our swimwear in the US, retail price for a men's suit would be $90 and a boy's suit would cost $65. We don't think our consumers can absorb that price.

So our current plan is to hire locally, source as locally as possible, and manufacture offshore. We can't do all three and get to profit without some kind of compensation, like a tax break.

We hope you understand our manufacturing challenges.