Our Story


When my son, Chris, said he wanted to study music in college, it made me think of why people stumble when chasing what they love. Maybe they don't fully grasp the business aspects surrounding their passions. 

My own journey shifted from a career in computer networks to founding NoNetz after a cancer diagnosis. What began as a distraction with fellow neighbors turned serious when Chris shared his college plans.

Together, Chris and I realized how many people are actually uncomfortable in their clothing. So, we started to design for the sensory sensitive (flat seams, soft, no-cling fabrics) to ensure everyone is comfortable.

During this journey, we have seen how hard the textile industry is on the environment. As a result, we are using sustainable fabrics as well as offsetting our carbon impact through reforestation and ocean plastic prevention.

We believe that sustainable comfort is the key to relaxing, having fun, and adventuring at your best.

Cathy Paraggio, Founder  |  Chris Paraggio, Operations Mgr.