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Anti-Chafe Swimwear For Men & Boys

For years, our sons, husbands and friends were victims of rashes, rashes that were developed from wearing stylish, conventional mesh/net boardshorts. These rashes were not only uncomfortable, but they were painful. Seeing our family and friends suffer from something that we believed could be prevented was when NoNetz was created.

We went about finding and interviewing hundreds of families of boys and men of all ages to find that many of them suffered from inner thigh rash when wearing men’s boardshorts or boy’s swimwear . In fact, 9 out of 10 of these males were victims of chafing each time they wore their bathing suit.

Because of the incredible amount of chafing, we decided to bring our ideas to the drawing board. We created the most comfortable pair of men’s and boy’s swimwear that is 100% anti-chafe! We are proud to announce that our anti-chafe swimwear is made in the USA; NoNetz manufactures all of their swimwear in Brooklyn, New York!

With our unique swimwear design that was created with an anti-bacterial, anti-chafe, water repellent liner, we know it’ll keep men and boys of all ages comfortable by protecting and preventing inner thigh rashes, like chafing, that is known to ruin most vacations. Start shopping our brand online today and contact us with any questions about our men’s anti-chafe boardshorts.