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"Suns Out Guns Out!" June 25 2015

“Suns out, guns out” is the quote that many guys and girls are saying across the nation, which only mean one thing- swimsuit season is here! Summer has arrived and everyone is working their hardest to get into the best shape so that they can can rock their brand new anti-chafe swimwear with confidence. If you’re looking for more ways to shed the belly fat and feel great in your new swim trunks, follow these helpful tips.

Maintain and train!

Train and maintain what you’ve worked hard for is something that you should make regular. Get used to working out, whether that’s with running, lifting weights or doing yoga. If you’re good to your body, it’ll be good back!

Get some vitamin D!

When the sun is out, make sure you take time to let the sun hit your face and body. Vitamin D is healthy in moderation, so if you’re stuck inside all day, take a couple 10 minute breaks to go for a walk outside.

Drink herbs!

Herbal tea is great for your body and will give you the hydration you need to feel great throughout the day. You can drink herbal tea to replace your coffee or enjoy it as an iced beverage on a hot day. The point is, stay hydrated!

It’s all mind over matter!

Sometimes you have to break down some mental barriers to feel comfortable with your new daily routine. Try something new and don’t be afraid to do it!

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Avoid Chafing with the Summer Perfect Board Shorts May 25 2015

Summer has finally arrived! The sun is out and the temperatures are starting to heat up! Now that school is over and the neighborhood pools are open for the summer, you can start to spend your days poolside with your favorite book, iced beverage and stylish anti-chafe swimwear! That’s right, nobody likes chafing, so why not indulge in a better pair of swim trunks that treat you great, right from the start! But what causes that horrible rash on your thighs in the first place?

When it comes down to it, you can end up chafing pretty much anywhere that is receives repetitive friction. The most painful and most intense chafing usually occurs through skin on skin contact. It is extremely common to experience chafing in areas that are wet or sweaty. This means that anywhere is pretty much susceptible for chafing, especially the groin area, underarms and thighs.

If you’re looking to avoid chafing all together, it’s time to invest in anti-chafe swimwear that will help to completely eliminate your chances of chafing! There’s no other board short out there like this for men. The materials we use, here at NoNetz, are extremely durable, soft and will of course eliminate chafing once and for all. If you’re someone who also suffers from chafing on your upper body as well, check out the rash guard shirts we have available too. Shop through a variety of colors and sizes now and stay stylish, cool and most importantly, chafe-free this summer!

A Raving Anti-Chafe Swim Wear Review! April 25 2015

Many men don’t look forward to getting in the warm water on vacation for reasons that can be painful. Depending on the swim trunks you have, you could be afraid of getting a painful rash from chafing, which is very unpleasant. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a solution until now, and men around the globe are raving over it.

NoNetz wants men of all ages to be comfortable on the beach, by the pool or walking their dog down the boardwalk. Whatever the reason is that you are wearing swim trunks is, you should be comfortable. NoNetz is the leading provider for anti-chafe swimwear for men, and we can’t wait for you to try it out for yourself!

NoNetz is making their mark all around the globe! Recent reviews have raved about this amazing, anti-chafe swimwear because these shorts are leaving men rash-free and happy! Many men enjoy wearing a short that provides an original and casual look, however with these anti chafe shorts you’ll get more than just that!  These shorts don’t look like anything special at first, but once you put them on, and they’re worn in and out of the water, the fast drying material and fit they provide for you will prove otherwise. In fact, did you know that the our swimwear is made up of antibacterial and water repellent materials? Catch up with the latest reviews online and shop for the anti-chafe swimwear you are excited to wear this summer!

Don't Let Your Thighs Ruin Your Adventures March 28 2015

Planning a vacation is something that you should look forward to. Going on vacation to somewhere tropical is a relaxing time in your life when you will be able to make memories that you will cherish for a lifetime, but what if something is holding you back. What if all you can think about is the chaffing of your thighs while you taking a relaxing walk down the beach?

Hallelujah! Your thighs can rejoice! NoNetz is making consumers’ dreams come true. Gentlemen, it’s about time that you start enjoying long walks on the beach hand in hand with the person you love. With anti-chafe swimwear from NoNetz, you will be able to enjoy a pain free and most importantly, chafe-free vacation.

Anti-chafe swimwear is something that you should be concerned about if you are someone with thighs that rub. Without this anti-chafe swimwear, you’ll end up getting a painful rash that could ruin your adventures on vacation. So, we invite you to start shopping for your men’s anti-chafe swim trunks online with us today to make your next vacation memorable. If you want to learn more about how other travelers, just like you, who have used our anti-chafe swimwear to their advantage and how it changed their vacations to be better than ever before, check out our featured article in the Traveling Islanders!

Enjoy The Beach and Stay Comfortable February 28 2015

Are you going somewhere for spring break? It doesn’t matter if you are traveling with friends or with your family, No Netz has something for everyone, especially the men! Anti-chafe swimwear is something that every man or boy should have in their wardrobe if they are taking a trip to a sandy beach somewhere.

Can you imagine getting to one of the most beautiful places on earth only to have a painful rash and irritation from chafing drive you crazy? At No Netz, we have experienced this ourselves and it is because of this reason we have brought it upon ourselves to provide our customers with the best anti-chafe swimwear available. When you shop online with us, you will be able to find colorful and stylish mens and boys swim trunks and rash guard shirts, so that they can enjoy a chafe free vacation!

With a variety of sizes and colors available, we know that your husband or son will be able to find a swimsuit that they will be excited to rock on the beach. Enjoy snorkeling, canoeing, surfing, jumping the waves and relaxing with a pina colada on the beach in the sand, in these tested and proven swim trunks. What are you waiting for? We invite you to start shopping online with us today to find the comfortable pair of anti-chafe swim trunks that you have been searching for! Feel free to contact us online if you have any questions or concerns about our anti-chafe products.

Swimwear Perfect For Spring Breakers January 28 2015

Spring break will be here before we know it! With spring break on its way, do you know exactly what you’ll be sporting while walking the beach with your friends? Men seem to have the hardest time finding swimwear, or even rash guard shirts for that matter, that are comfortable and stylish, but most importantly, anti-chafe.

Let’s face it, the last thing that you want to be worrying about is if you’ll be chafing while on vacation. Sitting poolside watching all of your friends have the time of their lives and not participating because you are uncomfortable doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. You can completely avoid it when you decide to side with No Netz, and wear our anti-chafe swimwear. With the amazing choices that we have available for boys and men, we know you’ll be able to enjoy spring break like never before!

Start shopping our incredible selection online now and find a style and size that will look great on you! We have boy’s and men’s bathing suits for you to choose from, and we even have boy’s rash guard shirts that can help protect the young ones from a terrible sunburn. If you’re looking for swimwear to stay comfortable in, we’re your first choice. Order your high quality, anti-chafe swimwear online now and and be prepared for spring break like never before! Contact us online today if you have any questions or concerns about our amazing products that every man and boy seems to love!

Stay Comfortable & Rash Free In Paradise! January 11 2015

Although it is winter for most of us in the United States, there are many places that will let you forget the snowy mountain tops and cold morning drives to work. Paradise is like no other place on earth, and it has a way of letting you forget all of your worries and leave your troubles behind, unless you have a swimsuit that is sub-par. At No Netz, it is our goal to help out men and boys of all ages find swimwear that fits perfectly, so that you don’t have to worry about chafing and uncomfortableness that some swimsuits offer.

We have seen our husbands and sons grow up and struggle with finding a swimsuit that fits perfectly and doesn’t leave painful chafing rashing. It is because of this, that we decided to take matters into our own hands and make a solution for all men who walk this earth. Our bathing suits for guys are anti-chafe! Anti-chafe swimwear is very hard to find, and getting a swimsuit that is flattering enough to enjoy wearing is also a rarity. If you’re looking for anti-chafe swimwear and even items like boy’s rash guard shirts, No Netz is for you!

What are you waiting for? Start shopping online today and check out our entire selection of unique anti-chafe swimwear that we have available for boys and men of all ages and size. Please feel free to contact us anytime to have any and all of your questions answered.

Anti-Chafe Swimwear for Christmas Gifts! December 10 2014

DIY Chafe Treatments November 11 2014

Are you looking to swim freely without having to worry about chafing? There are many causes of chafing, and if you aren’t careful, you could be the victim of this painful outbreak. If you have just stumbled upon No Netz to find that we have what you have been looking for, anti-chafe swimwear, know that we can be of more help than just providing you with the anti-chafe items you need! You’re coming to us for a reason, and with that we want you to benefit from us in more ways than one. Do you know how to heal your chafed skin?

  1. Fill your bathtub up with lukewarm water. Be sure it isn’t hot. Hot water will just make your skin irritation worse than it already is.
  2. Grab a couple cups of oatmeal and throw it into your bathtub. Let the oatmeal settle into the lukewarm water for a few minutes before you hop into the tub.
  3. Enjoy your bath for a good 20 minutes to a half an hour and let the oatmeal sooth your chafed skin.
  4. Once your bath is complete, rinse off all of the oatmeal with lukewarm shower water. When you dry off with a towel, be sure not to scrub the water away. Instead, pat your body dry, especially in the chafed areas.
  5. A great way to sooth your uncomfortable chafed skin is to rub drops of vitamin E cream or oil on the affected area. Another great option is to put olive oil on the chafed area as well.


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