Two Bathing Suits in One

We removed the traditional mesh/net brief and replaced it with our unique, anti chafe, anti bacterial liner. We could have stopped there and had the liner be our bathing suit, but we want you guys to be comfortable and look good. So we covered the liner with a light weight, soft microfiber. Both dry extremely quickly.
When guys spend a lot of time at the beach, inner thigh areas tend to get irritated from the mesh/net brief. 
The constant friction of the mesh/net, combined with salt water and/or chlorine, makes for a painful trip to the beach...and then to the dermatologist. 
Dermatologists recognize it as chafing.
They address it with powders and creams.  Guys will tell you this is the quickest way to ruin a vacation. 
So, we designed this liner with the comfort of guys in mind.  It is not a compression short. Who wants to wear a girdle at the beach? Our liner has a comfortable fit that allows ease of movement.
Anyone with texture sensitivities or sensory issues? This bathing suit is for you. We have taken great care to ensure there are no points of irritation.
A liner that provides minimum friction, maximum ease of movement, quick drying performance and an anti-bacterial finish, helps to ensure better vacations for everyone.
Here's a video that shows the features of our bathing suit.
Wave Good-Bye to Irritating Swimwear