Men's brrr° Cooling Polo
Moisture Wicking Shirt


The Coolest Shirt. Literally.

Mens Perfect Polo

We are using groundbreaking cooling innovation with brrr°'s Triple Chill Effect fabric.

brrr° fabric combines the power of cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying that work continuously to reduce skin temperature. 

Through rigorous testing by leading global textile labs, brrr° has scientifically proven that it keeps you cooler than any other wicking fabric out there.

It's a great golf or tennis shirt.

Suffer from hyperhidrosis? This is the cooling shirt for you. It will work with your body to continuously keep you fresh and comfortable.

COOLING MINERALS: Provides an immediate and continuous cooling effect that will never fade with washing. Cooling minerals are permanently embedded into the yarn.

ACTIVE WICKING:  Moves moisture away from your skin faster than traditional wicking clothing for non stop continuous comfort. Proven to keep you cooler. 

RAPID DRYING:  Takes significantly less time to dry by rapidly releasing moisture into the air, continually delivering a fresh, crisp experience.

ADAPTIVE CLOTHING: We design with texture sensitive people to ensure everyone is comfortable - no tags and no annoying seams.

Fabric: 62% brrr° nylon, 32% polyester, 6% spandex

Machine Washable, Line Dry or Dry on Gentle 

Made in Thailand

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