About Us

cathy & chris paraggio

My son, Chris, told me he wanted to study music at college. "Why do people fail at doing things they love?" Maybe they don't understand the business around it.

My career was in computer networks until I received a cancer diagnosis. I started NoNetz with other neighborhood women to keep my head active, but it was more of a hobby.   When Chris shared his college plans, I decided to use this company as a teaching tool so he could understand how business works. I bought out the other women and focused on this venture full time. 

Together, we have learned a tremendous amount and it has really paid off. Chris has just graduated from NYU Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music debt free because of NoNetz!

During this journey, we have seen how hard the textile industry is on the environment. As a result, we are using post consumer content in our fabrics as well as offsetting our carbon impact through reforestation and ocean plastic prevention. 

We believe that sustainable comfort is the key to relaxing, having fun, and adventuring at your best.

- Cathy Paraggio, Founder

- Chris Paraggio, Business Dev Mgr.