About Us

We love the poolside and beach vacations, but for years we’ve seen our sons, husbands, and friends get uncomfortable rashes from conventional mesh/net bathing suit briefs. That was our catalyst to develop the most comfortable anti-chafe swimwear ever.  

Our unique design has an anti-chafe, anti-bacterial, water resistant liner, that keeps guys comfortable and prevents the inner thigh rash that ruins most vacations. We also manufacture in the USA. You may have noticed that we are basically out of inventory.

Since the minimum wage increase across the country, all manufacturers stopped producing to renegotiate their contracts.   We manufacture in NY, Oklahoma and Mass.
This negotiation is taking way longer than anticipated. Plus we're trying to keep our retail cost basically the same. 

This is so ironic that we have made in the USA for years, but now we need to look offshore to balance our inventory demands.
Stay tuned to our social media feeds for upcoming line announcements.
Thank you for your patience as we figure out how to go forward.