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Anti-Chafe Swimwear For Men & Boys

For years sons, husbands and friends were victims of painful rashes from wearing conventional mesh/net swim trunks. It ruined so many vacations that we decided to solve this problem by creating NoNetz.

We interviewed hundreds of families and found that many guys suffered from the inner thigh rash when wearing men’s boardshorts or boy’s swimwear . In fact, 9 out of 10 of these males were victims of chafing each time they wore their bathing suit.

As a result, we created the most comfortable pair of men’s and boy’s anti-chafe swimwear.

NoNetz has replaced the mesh/net brief with a super soft, anti-bacterial, anti-chafe, water resistant liner. It keeps men and boys of all ages comfortable by preventing the inner thigh chafing rash that is known to ruin most vacations. Start shopping our brand online today!

No chafing makes for a happy day at the beach!