Unisex Tatiana Bucket Hat

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Introducing the NoNetz Unisex Bucket Hat: Your Ultimate Travel and Poolside Companion! 

Get ready to elevate your style and protect yourself from the sun with our innovative Unisex Bucket Hat. Inspired by the art of origami, this hat is not just a fashion statement but also a functional accessory that's perfect for all your adventures, whether you're traveling or enjoying a day by the pool.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from 100% Sorona yarn made from corn waste for durability & comfort
  • UV Protection: built in UPF 50+ protection
  • 3D Knitted On-Demand in in NYC

Each NoNetz Bucket Hat is meticulously crafted on-demand in Brooklyn, NY, using 100% Sorona yarn which is made from corn waste. This ensures that every hat is made with precision and care, resulting in a high-quality accessory that meets your style and performance needs.

Whether you're exploring new destinations or lounging by the pool, the NoNetz Unisex Bucket Hat is your go-to choice for stylish sun protection. Make a sustainable fashion statement and elevate your outdoor experiences with the NoNetz Bucket Hat today!

Machine wash gentle, line dry.

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