How Does Plastic Get Into The Ocean

Apr 13, 2023cathy paraggio
How Does Plastic Get Into The Ocean - NoNetz

Plastic pollution in the ocean is a global crisis, affecting marine life, ecosystems, and even human health. According to recent estimates, there are about 8 million metric tons of plastic that end up in the ocean every year, and this number is expected to double by 2030. In this blog post, we will discuss how plastic gets into the ocean and what we can do about it.

How plastic gets into the ocean:

  1. Littering: Littering is one of the most common ways plastic gets into the ocean. When people dispose of plastic waste irresponsibly, it can end up in rivers, streams, and eventually make its way to the ocean.

  2. Improper waste management: In many parts of the world, waste management systems are inadequate or nonexistent, which means that plastic waste is often left to accumulate in landfills or open dumps. From there, it can be carried by wind and rain into waterways that lead to the ocean.

  3. Shipping and fishing activities: Commercial shipping and fishing activities can also contribute to plastic pollution in the ocean. Discarded fishing nets and gear, as well as shipping containers and packaging materials, can all end up in the water.

What we can do about it:

  1. Reduce plastic use: The most effective way to prevent plastic from getting into the ocean is to reduce our use of it in the first place. We can do this by bringing reusable bags, bottles, and containers when we go shopping, and by choosing products with less packaging.

  2. Proper waste management: Proper waste management is crucial in preventing plastic from entering the ocean. We can do our part by recycling, composting, and disposing of waste properly.

  3. Support policies to reduce plastic pollution: Governments can play a crucial role in reducing plastic pollution by implementing policies such as plastic bag bans, extended producer responsibility programs, and deposit return schemes for plastic bottles.

  4. Participate in clean-up efforts: Beach clean-ups and other initiatives to remove plastic from the ocean can help prevent it from harming marine life and ecosystems. We can volunteer with local organizations or participate in global clean-up events like International Coastal Cleanup Day.

  5. Support brands who donate a portion of sales to ocean plastic clean up. There are also formal organizations like Clean Hub and Handprint that are doing wonderful things to solve poverty and at the same time, clean the environment.

In conclusion, plastic pollution in the ocean is a global crisis that requires urgent action. By reducing our use of plastic, properly managing waste, supporting policies to reduce plastic pollution, and participating in clean-up efforts, we can all do our part to protect the ocean and the planet.

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