All Adventure, No Irritation With NoNetz

We now make our family visits to the beach an annual occasion, but the kids typically go far more than just once, since they visit their grandparents in the California area a few times each year. It is always an awesome adventure filled with hours of boogie boarding, listening to the waves and collecting shells, however last summer the festivities suddenly came to a screeching halt when James complained about the sand making his inner thighs and private area hurt.Read More on Obviously-Marvelous

Review of NoNetz by a Homeschooling Dad

What’s the worst part of swimming for men? There’s the hassle of getting ready, dealing with your wet clothes, and of course, pruning, to consider - but beyond all of these, the absolute worst part of swimming is the chafing. Read More on Educents

NoNetz Boys and Men’s Swimwear that Prevents Chaffing

As a Mom when we are out on a spring or summer outing we have enough to worry about. We are focused on packing enough food, snacks, sunscreen, chairs and toys. Read More on Parenting Health

Swimsuits for the Whole Family

It’s time to change the basics of what you’ve come to know about boys and mens swimwear. NoNetz offers an innovative line of swimwear for both boys and men that skips the mesh netting in traditional swimwear styles that can chafe and irritate skin when wet. Instead, they line their suits with an anti bacterial, anti chafe, non-compression liner for coverage and protection. Read More on A Mom Takes

NoNetz Swim Trunks Review

With summer approaching quickly, it’s time to start shopping for swim gear. Everyone in the family loves to swim so we frequently visit the lake and local pools. Some days, we just stay home and play outside in the sprinkler or have water balloon fights. Finding my pre-teen son swim trunks is no small feat, however. He has sensory issues, (especially when it comes to the feel of his clothes), and he does not do well with the netting inside swim trunks. Generally, he just wears his athletic shorts to swim in. I was unaware that net free trunks were an option until NoNetz sent me a pair of trunks to review.Read More