Why NoNetz

NoNetz makes eco friendly summer clothing for men and boys. Each product is thoughtfully designed, stitch by stitch, to ensure total comfort.

Our UPF 50+ swim shirts for kids are made from recycled fishing nets. These rash guards are part of our effort to reduce ocean pollution. They feature a skin safe zipper to give kids control over the fit, and avoid the annoying cling.

Our mens cooling shirts are literally the coolest polos on the market. They continually lower your skin temperature using three different moisture wicking methods in order to prevent sweat stains. Suffer from hyperhidrosis ? These mens polos are for you. They make the perfect gift for golfers and tennis players. 

For each NoNetz order we prevent 1 pound of plastic from entering the ocean. Every newsletter signup, we plant a tree. We are all about saving the environment.

Here's why our swim shorts are considered the best swim trunks for men and boys.

There are millions of men and boys who suffer from chafing each year when they are trying to have fun in the water. Chafing ruins every vacation and every beach honeymoon. Fortunately, we created a fashionable brand of men’s and boy’s swim trunks that provide nothing but style and comfort.

 You'll be more comfortable and improve your vacations with our anti chafe swimwear.  Check out this video to learn more!!

You’ll notice the advantages of NoNetz swim shorts the moment you put them on. The following are a few of the benefits that come with choosing these unbeatable bathing suits with shorts over traditional mesh-lined suits and board shorts. The biggest advantage? Peace on vacation, at the beach or water park.

Non-chafing — One of the biggest perks of choosing NoNetz boys and men bathing suits is that they’re specifically designed to combat chafing. The anti-rash, liner is extremely soft, making these the most comfortable swim trunks ever. Even the waist band is lined to ensure no points of irritation.

Comfort — In addition to the super soft liner, NoNetz swim trunks are designed to please even the most texture-sensitive swimmers. Each design has been time-tested in the autistic community. NoNetz are also water-resistant, which means they dry faster and provide maximum comfort in and out of the water.

Sustainable - our fabrics are made from post consumer plastic , turning a waste problem into high quality swimwear.

Sun safe — All NoNetz swim trunks with liner are UPF 50+, providing all-day protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Stylish — NoNetz men and boys lined swim trunks are so stylish, your guys will want to wear them to the clubhouse, the golf course, the tennis court and around town, too. Even better, these shorts don’t cause that embarrassing cling when they get out of the water.

No mesh — NoNetz swim trunks feature an ultra soft liner as opposed to that uncomfortable mesh that most guys hate.

A perfect fit — NoNetz swim shorts are practically guaranteed to fit, because we offer free alterations up to $20. Simply take the swim trunks to a seamstress and send us the receipt for reimbursement. There is also a functional drawstring to ensure the best fit.