Guilt Free Comfort?

Discover the secret to more joyful family days and peaceful nights.

In every family's life, little things matter—like a hug that fits just right or the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved ones are comfortable from sunrise to sunset. At NoNetz, we've dedicated ourselves to rethinking the way clothes can make those moments better.

Why Comfort Matters

Imagine a day free from the little annoyances of ordinary clothing. No tugging. No chafing. No complaints. Just pure, uninterrupted fun and relaxation. That's not just a dream; it's our mission at NoNetz. We design clothing that solves the real problems families face, using insights from real moms and dads who, like you, demand more from what they wear.

Experience Thoughtfully Designed Comfort From NoNetz

Our approach to fashion  is different. We believe in creating clothing that is  as attentive to your family's needs as you are, allowing you to enjoy life without distractions.

Innovative Design: From rash free swimwear to polos that chill, our clothes are made to enhance your life, not complicate it.

Local Production: Made right here in NYC, our seamless clothing isn't just made well—it's made right, with zero-waste and a commitment to our community.

Sustainable Materials: Each piece is designed to feel like a hug - soft on you, your loved ones and the planet.

Why NoNetz?

NoNetz makes good times great times. We are driven by the sole question of? One of the ways is that we re-design activewear with people who hate clothing. When these extremely texture sensitive people love it, we’re sure you will too. Everything we design solves a comfort problem for you and the people you love.

4-Way Stretch

Our seamless women’s swimwear made from corn leaves is naturally water-resistant, with great, stay-in-place elasticity. Super Comfy. 

Durable and Long-Lasting

Every time we design a piece of clothing, every stitch and each technical piece of fabric, we have evaluated to be of the highest quality. We want the best for you and yours.

Prevents Rashes

How many vacations have you experienced that was interrupted by this? For us, it was every single one.  Our total comfort swimwear dries quickly, with minimal stitches touching the skin, so there’s no more rashes in or out of the water.

Lowers Skin Temperature

NoNetz polos have permanently embedded cooling minerals so the chill effect never fades. There’s also a special weave to maximize airflow to keep skin cool and not trap your sweat. Although we made it for guys, we’re seeing many women in their 50’s stealing it from their partners. Easy to dress up, this polo does wonders for hot flashes when you’re out and about


Not too hot, not too cold. Our seamless athleisure lines are finely knitted from reclaimed sawdust. It turns out, saw dust is naturally anti-microbial and temperature regulating. Who knew it could be so soft, stylish and functional? We were surprised at how luxurious and easy to care for this fabric is.

Our Collections



After seeing a golfer pass out from heat exhaustion, we designed polos that lower your skin temperature. Also, have you ever noticed after you wash some wicking shirts, they still smell like sweat? Your guy complains that they don’t “work” as well? That’s because the sweat becomes trapped in the fabric and it never washes out.  Plus the “moisture wicking” is a finish that fades with washing over time. We fixed that too with these polos.

These high-tech shirts come in a variety fun colors designed to get guys out of their standard blue/gray comfort zone. While we do offer blue and gray, we also offer coral (it’s not pink!), mint green and yellow.

Swim Trunks

Swim Trunks

Check out our lines of anti-chafe swim trunks for boys and men, designed to prevent the inner thigh rash that ruins most water time fun. We have removed the mesh/net brief and replaced it with a soft, water resistant liner. These swim shorts are versatile essentials for any busy family.

Boy wearing a blue long sleeve rash guard on the beach with red and white swim trunks

Kids’ Rash Guards

Why do rash guards cause rashes? Every year I bought a rash guard that was only used for the first 15 minutes. It clung so you had to peel the kid out of the rashguard. It took forever to dry. It caused rashes under their arms and across their chests. Then no one wore rash guards and my days were spent running after people with sun block.

That’s what we solved with this design. The seams are on the outside, preventing chest rashes. We also put a full length,  skin-safe zipper (fully covered in the back- it never touches their skin) so the kids get in and out super easy. I even covered the zipper pull so it won’t poke any chins plus made it out of rubber. Made from reclaimed fishing nets, this no-cling UPF 50+ fabric ensures fun-in-the-sun protection.

Two women in swim suits against a blue sky

Women’s Swimwear

We are offering one-piece and two-piece designs to appeal to all tastes. This swimwear will stay in place, is not transparent when wet and is knitted on-demand in Brooklyn, NY from corn leaves.

Corn waste turns out to be a super soft, quick dry fabric - who knew? There’s also a matching sun hat! These items are knit as one continuous piece, meaning there are absolutely no seams or stitches to bother you. These lines are designed to make you  feel confident, attractive and comfortable.

Athleisure for Men & Women

Athleisure for Men & Women

Made on-demand from recycled sawdust, this fabric is over-the-top luxurious. Crazy that saw dust is naturally anti microbial and manages your temp in a not too hot, not too cold kind of way. Great for lounging or working out, these are designed to feel like a comforting hug.

With a minimal number of seams and completely breathable fabric, you will be wrapped in pure comfort. At NoNetz, we all have the Callie Sweater - even the guys. Just sayin’.


Hear From Our Happy Families

"The most comfortable swim trunks I've ever worn. No more chafing, even after hours in the water!"

John DCustomer

“My son loves his NoNetz rash guard. He can play all day without any discomfort and I don’t have to keep applying sunblock."

Sarah K.Customer

“I have tried every swimsuit out there. I have never experienced a fabric like this in a bikini.”

Theresa P.Customer

“I ordered a polo in every color for my golf fanatic husband. He is so much more comfortable on the golf course.”

Jennifer V.Customer

"Finally, swimwear that lets us focus on fun, not fuss."

Emma S.Happy Mom

"Our family weekend getaway was a hit, thanks to NoNetz. No complaints, just comfort."

Daniel T.Relieved Dad

Sustainability Meets Style: Our Commitment to the Future

At NoNetz, we are thinkers. We like the planet we live on and we are keenly aware of our environmental footprint. Therefore, as you may have noticed, we obsess over every part of our supply chain - from the materials we use, to the people who sew our designs- to ensure we are doing the best we can for you, our team and the planet.

Recycled Content

Our mill uses recycled plastic water bottles to make the exterior fabric shell of our boys and men’s swim trunks.

Less Returns

Use our website’s What’s My Size tool to ensure you get the right fit the first time, as well as reduce the carbon emissions associated with returns.  Plus, don’t you hate it when you get something that doesn’t fit?

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We use recyclable packaging to reduce our environmental impact and ensure that our products are as eco-friendly as possible.

Slow Fashion

Our athleisure and women’s swimwear lines are knitted on-demand in NYC to minimize waste as well as reduce our carbon footprint.

Helping Impoverished Women

A portion of each order employs impoverished women in areas with no waste infrastructure. They collect plastic before it enters the ocean and bring it to recycling centers.We're not just making clothes; we're making a difference. Join us in our journey toward a sustainable future, where every garment is a pledge for a better tomorrow.